Baby Stroller LUNA Set BEIGE&RED
Reference: LOR 10020801742+10070301750

Baby Stroller LUNA Set BEIGE&RED

Reference: LOR 10020801742+10070301750
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The stroller is light and convenient for the long walks in the warm summer days.

It gives the opportunity for active rest and sweet dreams thanks to the multi-positional backrest and the canopy. 


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The foldable shade provides the sought shade and the movable footrest is a response to the little child’s need for comfort. The tray for accessories is an additional extra and you can put there both a favourite toy and a feeding bowl. The stroller is fitted with car seat and mama bag which is an additional extra.

Materials and maintenance

Fabric should be cleaned with warm water and soft detergent. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Dry out of direct sunlight.

The plastic parts should be cleaned with cloth, water and soft detergent.

The metal parts should be cleaned with damp cloth and then should be dried.

After use on particularly dusty or dirty terrain, the wheel unit should be cleaned and lubricated with an oil to ensure a really smooth ride.

When storing never place other items on or in the stroller!

Check for damaged parts regularly and replace them immediately!

Never use spare parts other than those approved by the manufacturer or by the distributor.


This product is produced in accordance with the European Safety Standard EN1888-2012 - "Child care articles. Wheeled child conveyances.", ensuring maximum safety and comfort for your child.

LOR 10020801742+10070301750

Data sheet

LOR 10020801742+10070301750