Baby Stroller Twin Lux Blue 7801-181
Reference: BStar 7801-181 Blue

Baby Stroller Twin Lux Blue 7801-181

Reference: BStar 7801-181 Blue

Twin Lux is a twin wheelchair comfortably and fully functional. It is the ideal solution as it provides all the necessary features for your babies. Both twins and children of small age can enjoy the comfort of this twin infant cart as the seats are completely independent of each other.


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Suitable from the birth of the child 0+ to 15 kg - up to 3.5 years

Lightweight and convenient baby stroller

The durable, rugged and quality aluminum frame that ensures maximum stamina and low weight offers safety and comfort to your baby
Ergonomic steering wheel
The 5-point seat belt keeps babies secure in the stroller with protective shoulder pads
Adjustable backs in many places
Removable front protection
Height-adjustable footrest
Two independent pedals
Two spacious baskets
Front 360 ° rotating wheels
Locking the front wheels for straight travel
Rear Wheel Brake System
Cup holder
Outstanding quality soft fabrics.
Dimensions light: 70 x 81 x 108 cm
Dimensions closed: 36.50 x 37 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Total weight up to 30 kg
The Twin Lux cart is approved by the European Union and is a children's stroller that meets the requirements of EN1888.

BStar 7801-181 Blue

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Summer 2018
Summer 2018

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BStar 7801-181 Blue