Baby Cot ILOUNGE Beige&Yellow My Baby
Reference: LOR 10080021809

Baby Cot ILOUNGE Beige&Yellow My Baby

Reference: LOR 10080021809
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This is the ideal corner for your baby to have a lie-in, to study the surrounding world and to play there. The model meets all conditions for practicality and comfort you could desire. The cot has two separate levels – for sleep and play.


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Suitable from birth 0+ to 3.5 years
Aluminum construction with curved tubes
Mechanism for fast and easy closing and opening
2 levels the upper level is recommended for an age of 0 to 6 months
Spacious sleeping bag placed on the playpen
Musical revolving game
Side storage cases for small items
Foldable cradle system
It has a 120 x 67 x 2 cm mattress mattress
2 large side windows with net for good visibility
Perimeter protection net
Side entry that opens and closes with zip
Bag-pouch for easy transport
It has 2 wheels with a brake system for easy home delivery
Includes mosquito net
Ease of washing
Dimensions 124 x 64 x 77 cm.

 The playpen is constructed in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and is a playpen that conforms to EN-716 standard.

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Payment by cash, cash on delivery, deposit or credit card.

LOR 10080021809

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Summer 2018
Summer 2018
LOR 10080021809